3 biggest trends in man fashion for Spring 2016

This year, there will be use of traditional colors and modern shapes of men’s outfits. From 50’s style to the modern cut, you will get everything this season.

1. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are trendy this season. These are used as style reference and have been in fashion for many years. Dark hues are trendy this season. Bomber jacket is very versatile; you can either wear it as casual day wear or a party wear. The jacket is very comfortable. You can have contemporary styles by adding more different colors.

2. Overalls

Overalls are in fashion now. These are super comfortable clothing. You will find these in black colors, blues and dusky greens. You can wear it with white tee and a trainer. With these overalls, you will look young, energetic and trendy.

3. Fifties Shirts

Oversized polos and textured shirts of the 50s are the trend this season. You should look for outfits by Raf Simons ands Louis Vuitton on the runway. You can wear these both in darker tones or power hues. You can also combine colors for a contrast look.

Fashion trends go away very quickly. The collections you saw this year on different Fashion Weeks may not be available next season. You should read our blog to constantly remain updated with the latest fashion trend. The fashion designers are continuously working on ways to make their outfit look different and unique from the others. These collections will tell you what you can wear in office or in different occasions and look the best.

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