7 steps to tie a bow in less than 60 seconds

A man who wears bow tie shows sophistication and class. He looks like a man who is not afraid to step outside his comfort zone. He looks daring and ready to take the challenge. The right bow tie can give you a confident look. Wearing a bow tie is the perfect way to unleash your inner James Bond image. Many people struggle to wear a bow tie. It is very easy to wear a bow tie, if you know the right steps. Here are the steps to tie a bow in less than 60 seconds.

1. Adjust tie to the correct neck size.

2. Put around neck and tie an overhand knot.

3. One end should go up and the other end should go down. You must make sure the side upwards is a bit longer than the side that is at the bottom.

4. Fold down side back and flip up side over knot.

5. Create another loop on the other side.

6. Wrap the loose end around your finger and push loose side through loop created.

7. Pull tight to properly place the knot.

You have now made the perfect bow tie in less than 60 seconds. All you need to do is practice it a few times and you will be a master at it. Bow tie goes well with any formal wear. It is great for evening parties and other formal occasions. Bow tie will give you the perfect gentleman look.

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